Call to Boycott Language Design by Voting

Please don’t answer this poll.

4 Responses to “Call to Boycott Language Design by Voting”

  1. Is it OK if I boycott your boycott, but choose not to vote anyway because it’s all plain silly? B^>



  2. [...] and really understood the details and differences. Peter Ahé (former tech lead for javac), requested a boycott of the poll in [...]

  3. Casper says:

    I’d rather have the community and its leaders actually missing the features (ppl like Colebourne) debate and prototype the issue, rather than some bureaucratic committee being controlled and segmented by corporate interests and a desire to catch up with .NET by halfheartedly patching the language over and over.

    Please decide on what you want to do. Bottom-up or top-down, you can not have both!

  4. Kevin Burton says:

    Mind if we create a vote for your proposal?


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