Newspeak First Public Release

We’re very excited to announce the first public release of Newspeak. We have been working hard on making this initial release as easy to use as possible. Newspeak is still very much a prototype, and the language is far from complete. However, we already have a fully functional IDE, debugger, and unit test GUI.

Initially, we had hoped to release Newspeak earlier this year, and I’m certainly to blame for delaying it. However, we needed a debugger which could run in native mode to really show of the power of Newspeak. Fortunately, the fundamentals of the Squeak debugger aren’t tied as closely to the Morphic tool as we initially thought. After abstracting the Squeak classes Process and Thread in a mirror api, we had a pretty powerful base and just needed to get the UI just right. I think we did pretty well:

But a screenshot isn’t really a good way to get a feel for a new programming language. Download the release and give it a spin. Be sure to read the included tutorial (newspeak-101.pdf), it has great example which walks you through building you own GUI application in the Hopscotch framework.

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  1. Jakob Pagter says:

    Cool Peter, tillykke med det!

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